hi, i'm Micro

they/them · meow · i do things sometimes

bullet points
  • i post random strings from oneshot daily on niche social media
  • i am word certified
  • i have 11.4 GiB of memes and growing
  • i can code
  • i am bi and enby :3
prototype oneshot :3c with the bi flag in the backgroundprototype oneshot but orange and holding a blåhaj and a circular "gradient" from white to yellow, inside to outside
the Dart logo, an abstract blue dartthe Rust logo, a gear with a large R in the centerthe TypeScript logo, a rounded blue square with 'TS' in the bottom right cornerthe Vue.js logo, an abstract green and gray V
double green borders and the text sneexy with a gray yoshi screaming periodicallybeebles' pfp but squished to 88x31get firefoxproto :3c and purple text of "Micro" with 2 shades of black and dithering in between for the backgrounda pixelated blue fox with the word "SLIPS" repeating in the background, one of which is bluea blobfox and "FREEE," the text fill becoming more transparent from left to right but keeping the border. there is a black "wave" on the left side and the background is orange. the image is beveled
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