hiya! i'm micro

i'm a silly bisexual, non-binary, and transgender demigirl on the internet that posts random strings from oneshot every day that is also inexplicably word, powerpoint, and excel certified :3c

i am current obsessing over rust, but i also know dart, typescript, javascript, vue, and java

feel free to follow me on the fediverse to get flooded with boosts clip art of a yellow smiley giving the thumbs up (sometimes referred to as verygood or happypete)

prototype from oneshot giving a :3c expression with a darker background and "Micro" in purple 500 from tailwindcss on the right with dithering between the two sections"sneexy" in all lowercase in green with sneexy's oc on the left covering part of the button's double green border around the buttona green border around a red background with a spinning cube with authenyo's pfp on the left and "authen" in lowercase in blue on the righta green button with a double white border with a neofox on the left and "CHLOE" in approximately the same style as the neofox on the right (both of which are orange with a black border)an animation of a bunch of twinkling stars"pancakes" in lowercase with a wavy underline on the left and pancakes' pfp of a cartoony cat on the right on a purple background with black foregrounda picture of the cat in the background on the left side of the button with the words "kattgutte er" (newline) "ikke ekte" on the right with white fill and black border and a slight vignette around the buttona symbolic mice and "av70"
        in sans-serif font both in green centred on a very light green background
        with a lighter green bottom border for the buttona gray button with a white border and two sections which have their own white borders, the left one being the text "abtmtr.link" centered and in white and the right being the akkoma, nextcloud, writefreely, and writefreely with an image icon logos each with their own thinner white borders"Sweet" in gray (newline) and "Coffy" in brownish white centred on a black and brown background split by a downwards curved white line halfway between the colours. Coffy's OC "Mei" is on the left and a coffee cup emoji is on the rightCommenter25 in a sans-serif font with the C being much larger than the rest of the text on a black to gray gradient background and a bevel around the buttonnano in a bold sans-serif font with nano on the right with a pink to blue gradient as the background and a bevel around the buttonsleepy.ink in cursive font in the bottom right corner on a rainbow background with a 2 pixel very light purple (?) border"binbows" in a black serif font centered on a white backgrounda black background with a white border and prototype from oneshot on the left side with "cool" "elect" (newline) "ronics" all staggered and using a gradient that matches prototype's colour scheme with what appears to be a mountain in the backgrounda button with a bevel and a scrolling red checkerboard background and sterophonick's pfp centered at the top and "Sterophonick" in alternating blue and red with a black border below ita black background with "aagaming" in the top right corner and the hat of aa's pfp sticking out at the bottom lefta button with a white border and purple background with an anthropomorphic deer on the left, "Ivytastic :3" in the colours of the transgender pride flag at the bottom of the button to the right of the deer and hanging stars also in the colours of the transgender pride flag at the top in the backgrounda black button with "Jack.cab" with "Jack" being in white, the period being a gradient between white and gray, and "cab" being in gray with a file icon with presumably a filing cabinet on it above the "ab" in "cab"a white button with "split@PC:~$" and a blinking block cursor centered in the button, with "split@PC" being in dark red, the tilde being red, and the rest blacka rounded button with "Get Firefox" on the left, "Firefox" being orange, and the firefox logo off to the right, cut off by the end of the button